The Benefits of Home Cleaning

The Benefits of Home Cleaning

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Home cleaning is a chore not many of us enjoy carrying out. Even if you do enjoy giving your home a good spring clean, how can you be sure that you’re really getting rid of all trapped dirt in those hard to reach places?

At Maid4You, we have been providing a professional home cleaning service in Derby, the surrounding areas and locations further afield for many years, and pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled service of exceptional quality.

So, what are the some of the benefits of a professional home cleaning service? Keep reading to find out.

Leather and Cloth Upholstery Cleaning

It’s easy to just pull a product off the shelf at the supermarket and use it to clean the leather and cloth upholstery in your home. However, many products can be too abrasive for this type of cleaning and can ruin the finish of such items.
At Maid4You, our industry knowledge means we only use products that are suitable to the materials they will be cleaning and will never damage their structure.

Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing

It is easy to get frustrated when you are cleaning a hard floor. You want to maintain the shine it once came with, but many off the shelf sprays and creams only serve to leave smears and residue when they are wiped over the floor.
Investing in home cleaning services takes the frustration out of such tasks and leaves you with a streak free floor time after time.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, now here’s a chore. Our carpets can harbour small particles and dirt that can accumulate over time and can sometimes even make allergies worse.
With affordable prices to suit any budget, we can help remove lingering odours from carpets and rugs and pride ourselves on having a 99% success rate with stain removal.
Whatever home cleaning services you require, contact our dedicated team today.