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When cleaning your home, why not follow a few of our tips to complete your chores more efficiently with great results!

Vacuuming is probably the most important part- create a regular routine, vacuum North–South, East-West for best results.

Remove shoes before walking on carpet as soiling will cut & wear your fibres ageing your carpet a lot quicker.

Spot stains need removing ASAP as the older they become the harder they are to remove, blot with a towel or kitchen paper to absorb as much as possible, rinse with clean water.

When cleaning your kitchen, always begin on the right had side of your stove and work clockwise. This is generally the dirtiest place in the kitchen, so avoid spreading grease and grime on your sponges and clothes by leaving this area until last.

When cooking, clean as you go. Fill your sink with warm soapy water as you start your meal prep, this way you can drop pans in to soak while you eat. If you spill any sauces, gravies or pastes on your counter, make sure you mop them up immediately to avoid stains. This is particularly important when making curried dishes!

Always clean from top to bottom so that any crumbs swept off the counter don’t dirty your freshly mopped floor tiles. Begin at the ceiling cupboards and work your way down until reaching the floor.

Use baking soda and lemon juice in water to clean the grout between your tiles. This is especially handy in bathroom areas, where grime builds up because of the humidity and moisture.

If you would like more advice on cleaning your home or would like to use our services, please get in touch today!

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