Commercial Cleaning: Keeping your Employees Happy

Commercial Cleaning: Keeping your Employees Happy

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Office environments can easily get messy, and with people walking in and out of the space each day, it can be easy for small chores to build up. In the latest blog post from Maid4You, we discuss commercial cleaning and top tips for keeping on your office looking as good as new.

Dedicated Storage

Offices generally have a wide variety of documents and paperwork that needs to be stored away. To keep the desk spaces tidy, use storage curpboards and folders that will keep it out of sight and organised.

Keep Cloths Handy

If you eat at your desk, crumbs and drink marks can easily take over. Give every staff member a microfibre cloth which they can keep at their desk, prompting them to wipe the surface clean at the end of every day. The microfibre cloth will also clear up dust which can easily gather on computers and laptops.

Draw up a Rota

In an office environment, everyone will have their own tasks to deal with, meaning that when it comes to chores such as the washing up and hoovering, disagreements can often occur on who should undertake the chore. By drawing up a regular rota, individuals will be able to plan their tasks around their office duties and the build up of dust and dirt will be kept to a minimum.

Maid4You: Hassle-Free Commercial Cleaning

If you’d rather not spend your time whizzing a hoover around your office or cleaning other people’s coffee cups, give the team at Maid4you a call. We have been providing a reliable commercial cleaning service for many years and can work around all types of furniture and office equipment. Whether you would like a one-off deep clean or a regular weekly clean to keep things fresh, we welcome you to contact us. Please call today on 01332 810 975. Alternatively, fill out our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you shortly.