Common Carpet Stains and How to Treat Them

Common Carpet Stains and How to Treat Them

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Whether you accidentally walk through your house with your muddy shoes on or spill your cup of tea as you sit down to relax, over time, these marks can take their toll on your carpet.

In the latest post from Maid4You, we take a look at handy tips to get out common stains from your carpet, keeping them looking clean and fresh for many years.


The last thing you want when you sit down to relax with a cup of tea is to spill your tea and have to clean it up. If you’ve spilt your tea on your carpet, be sure to blot the stain straight away in order to soak up most of the liquid.

Once you have done this, use water to dilute the stain and then your preferred stain remover to clean up the rest of the marks.


Whilst you may be tempted to clean the mud up as soon as you see it on the carpet, allowing it to dry is often the best course of action. If the mud is very wet, you may blot the area with a dry paper towel, but do not rub the stain.

Once the mud is dry, use a vacuum to get rid of any loose dirt. Vacuum slowly over the area, being sure to move the vacuum in all directions to pick up all of the mud.

Now you have the majority of the mud lifted from the carpet, use your preferred stain remover to get rid of any excess left on the carpet.


There are many methods you can use to clean wine from a carpet, but the one that works for you is likely to depend on the type of carpet you have and how long the stain has been left.

To clean up wine, blot the stain to soak up the excess. Next, dilute the stain with water and keep blotting until you can no longer pick up any more of the stain.

Try using rock salt over the stain and leave overnight. Alternatively, mix water and baking soda in a ratio of three parts to one. Once the stain is dry, hoover up the excess.

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