How to Deal with Pet Hair and More

How to Deal with Pet Hair and More

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Whether you are a cat or dog owner, you’ll know the struggles that come with trying to keep a clean home, free of pet hair. Here at Maid4You, we have a wealth of experience in cleaning spaces where multiple animals are present and in our latest post, we discuss top tips to help you keep your home clean and your pet happy.

Pet Hair

There’s no doubt about it, pet hair is persistent. No matter whether you have a pet with short or long hair, you will need to invest in a quality vacuum in order to remove pet hair from multiple surfaces.

Investing in lint rollers is another saviour you may find mercy in when it comes to pet hair. Keep one by your front door so you can easily brush off any hair that has found its way onto your coat or clothing before you go out.

Microfibre cloths are great for picking up dust and are also handy for trapping hair as you dust your hard surfaces. Use these clothes as often as needed to help you stay on top of excess per hair.

Pet Odours

Pet odours do not make for a good welcome when you walk back into your home after a long day. To neutralise pet odours, try using baking soda. Sprinkle this over your carpets and upholstered surfaces and let it sit to work its magic for a few hours, then simply vacuum it up.

Whilst fabric fresheners are great for adding a lovely layer of scent to a room, they should never be used to treat the source of the odour. If you notice that your pet has urinated on your floor or carpet, it is important to disinfect the space straight away to clean the area and get rid of the odour. If the odour lingers, your pet may associate this space with somewhere it can go to the toilet.

If your dog likes to dash into streams or other muddy waters, it is important to wash your dog, before they use your sofa or lie down on your carpets to avoid any dirt or smells lingering in the home.

General Cleaning

Good general cleaning habits such as wiping muddy paws, clipping your dog’s nails (where necessary) and grooming will help your dog remain clean and tidy, as well as have a knock-on effect on your home. Although these little habits may not always be at the forefront of your mind, they certainly play a great part in keeping your home clean and tidy.

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