Why Your Home Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why Your Home Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Your carpet can say a lot about you. It can make a room or break it, and it can push your interior from drab to luxurious. To get the most out of your carpet, it’s important to keep it clean and well maintained. There are many benefits to be had from using a professional cleaning service, which Maid 4 You have outlined below.


Although it may not seem like it to the naked eye, a carpet accumulates and harbours microscopic dust mites that live, breed, and pass faeces in the fibres of a carpet. With a professional carpet cleaning service, you can give your carpet a thorough, deep cleanse and eliminate the buildup of dust and mites. Once you’ve had your professional service, regular vacuuming will keep on top of this build up, but it’s best to undergo a professional clean annually.


A thorough clean can bring your carpet back to life, give it more volume, and of course tackle those unsightly stains. When guests come to visit your home, a well kept, fluffy carpet is very inviting and will give your room a stylish and cleanlier appearance overall.


With the fast paced world of 2017, time is of the essence and is incredibly valuable to all of us. The task of cleaning your home is time consuming enough already, and after a busy day it is more realistic and less stressful to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.


With a dirty carpet, you’ll get unpleasant odours. Due to the porous fibres of a carpet, they easily absorb particles. Most of the products available on the shelves will mask the odour short term, but fail to get rid of the smell-producing particles from the carpet fibres. With a professional carpet cleaning service, the products and appliances used will tackle the problem at the root.

Longevity of Carpet

The carpet in your house can be subject to lots of wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas, but this doesn’t meant that it shouldn’t last. With regular, thorough cleaning and maintenance you can extend the life of your carpet by years.

To give your carpet a thorough spring clean from an experienced team, call Maid 4 You today on 01332 810 975 and book in for a professional cleaning service in your home!