How Do I Remove Nail Polish From a Carpet?

How Do I Remove Nail Polish From a Carpet?

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The panic you feel when you spill something on the carpet is enough to feel you with a certain dread. This dread is made worse if you have spilt a substance that you aren’t sure will come out. If you’ve accidentally knocked over a pot of nail varnish and are now frantically searching the internet for ways in which to remove the stain, let us help.

To successfully remove a nail polish stain from a carpet, you will need to use certain products, check and see if you have any of these around the house

Non-acetone nail polish remover
Rubbing alcohol or hairspray
Carpet stain-remover
Window Cleaning Solutions
Hydrogen Peroxide

Before you use any of the above products to attack the stain, you will want to test them on an inconspicuous patch of carpet. Using a strong solution of hydrogen peroxide could discolour your carpet.

Once you have got together the products that you would like to use, follow the next steps

Firstly, remove as much of the stain as possible, by dabbing it and/or scraping any dry bits of nail polish with a blunt, metal object such as a spoon or knife.
Now you have tested your products and removed as much of the stain as possible you can start using your products.
Use a small amount of your product on a clean cloth and begin blotting the stain again. It is important that you do not rub the stain as you may spread it across the surface, making more of the area stained.
Only once no more of the stain is coming away, you can begin using warm water with a small amount of washing up liquid and gently dab this over the stain.

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If you are having trouble lifting a stain out of your carpet, call in our professional team. We use industry-standard products with powerful properties, capable of lifting settled stains, without harming your carpet. To make an appointment for carpet cleaning or stain removal, please call 01332 810 975 or send your enquiry through to our online contact form.