Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Now that the sun has started to appear from behind the clouds, there’s no better time to embark on your annual spring clean! The sunlight will be shining its glorious light to each corner of your home, so make sure it’s fresh and looking its very best.

Start from the Top

Although it doesn’t necessarily matter whether you begin spring cleaning upstairs or downstairs, you should start from the top of each room you are working in and end with the floor. If you start with the floor, you run the risk of dust or cobwebs falling down onto the floor as you clean the corners of the ceiling and items of furniture.

Carry out Forgotten Chores

There are many household chores that a lot of us often forget about throughout the year, until we carry out a spring clean that is. Make sure you’re thorough when carrying out your spring clean – turn over your mattress if you haven’t done it in the last three months, take down your curtains and wash them (if machine washable) and move household furniture that could be hiding large amounts of dust. Being thorough with your spring clean will ensure that each area of your home has been cleaned to the same standard and prevents the build-up of dust in isolated zones.

Clean Inside and Out

It goes without saying that you will be cleaning the inside of your home, but be sure to remember the inside of draws, wardrobes and cupboards. If these areas are not cleaned, dust and dirt could end up on your personal items and then be spread throughout the house. Giving your furniture a thorough clean will also force you to clear out any unwanted items and provide an opportunity to organise the space a little better.

Once you’ve successfully cleaned the inside of your furniture items, turn your attention to the outside. You may be surprised by how much dirt can build up on these items over time.

If you are ready to have a deep clean of your home, but need some help, we welcome you to contact us. Please call Maid4You on 01332 810 975 or fill out our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you shortly.