Washing Your Dishes Efficiently

Washing Your Dishes Efficiently

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Washing up may not be your favourite household chore, but there are some things you can do to ensure your dishes come out clean and the task is carried out efficiently. If you’re currently tearing your hair out just looking at the number of items stacked up next to the sink, keep reading.

The Order of Washing Dishes

So, you’ve found yourself with a pile of things to wash up and you aren’t sure what order to wash them in, luckily we have the answer. If you have multiple items such as glasses, silverware and plates, always begin by washing your glasses first. You don’t want your water becoming full of grease and grime before washing up glasses as you could end up with smears and difficult to remove residue forming on the glass. If you find that you have a few glasses left over when you’ve cleaned all of your dishes, you can always tip the dirty water away and clean them using running water from the tap or by refilling the bowl as much as you need, depending on the number of glasses left over.

If you have a number of dirty plates that you think will need soaking before you wash them, you can place these in the bottom of the sink once your glasses have been washed. If you don’t have enough room to soak your plates, put a slight bit of water on each and a dash of washing up liquid to loosen the marks before you wash them

Once your dishes are soaking, you can begin washing your silverware and other items, leaving the dirty dishes until last.

Top Tips for Washing up

Now that you have the order down, you’ll want to work through things as easy as possible. To begin with, always use washing up gloves – especially if you have a large number of items. Not only do the gloves protect your hands and nails, but they also can help to reduce cuts from sharp knives and cutlery.

If you have dried on stains, you’ll want to use a scourer to rub these off. However, for less abrasive scrubbing, you could use a soft sponge. Sponges attached to a handle are great for easy access to tall glasses or cups that you can’t fit your hand inside.

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