Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

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With the amount of activity that typically goes on in the kitchen, it’s not surprising that the space can quite easily become cluttered. In the latest blog post from Maid4You, we take a look at the tops ways to keep your kitchen organised.

To keep things out of sight and off kitchen worktops, many people will put multiple items into their kitchen cupboards. Although this solution can look tidier to the eye, as soon as you want to find something or need a product from the back of your cupboard, you end up in a mess again.

To keep cleaning products neat and tidy, use the spray nozzle to a hang the items onto a rail inside the cupboard. A small curtain rail works well, or a taut net wire. By hanging your items in this way, you leave the underneath space free for clothes and sprays that can’t be hung.

Before filling your cupboards, try to consider where the corresponding appliances are placed in the kitchen. For example, placing your cups and teaspoons near the kettle and the bread bin or food cupboard near to your toaster will keep everything in one place. This tactic will also lessen the likelihood of spills as you negate the need to carry items from one end of the kitchen to another.

The addition of wicker baskets, hooks and containers will help you to keep everything from tea towels and spices handy and organised.

A chalkboard is a fun addition to any kitchen, allowing for fun notes to be left and handy lists to be made. If you have no wall space to hang your chalkboard, consider adding one to the inside of a cupboard. You can use the board to write your shopping list, certain use-by dates or reminders to others you live with.

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